¿What is AC/E?
¿What is AC/E?

El Greco and Modern Painting
Madrid, 24.06.2014 - 05.10.2014

This exhibition sets out to show the importance of the rediscovery of the Cretan painter in the development of nineteenth- and twentieth-century painting.


2014 CoCoA International Festival of Contemporary Dance
Buenos Aires, 16.09.2014 - 28.09.2014

AC/E is collaborating in this year’s festival by supporting the participation of three Spanish professionals from the sector: director and choreographer, Guy Nader, dancer Roser López  and lighting and  stage technician Israel Quintero.

Summa contemporary 2014
Madrid, 18.09.2014 - 21.09.2014

AC/E is collaborating with Summa by supporting the participation of the following international curators in the meetings: Octavio Zaya, Marina Fokidis, Fionn Meade, Omar López, Koyo Kouoh, Bo Hanley and Lorenzo Benedetti.

Visual arts
31 Bienal de São Paulo
Sao Paulo, 06.09.2014 - 07.12.2014

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Ce que raconte la solitude
Marsella, 31.08.2014 - 21.12.2014

This is a group exhibition in which AC/E is supporting the participation of Spaniard Adrià Julià. The exhibition explores the history of the artists and intellectuals who sought refuge in Marseilles when the Second World War broke out, and waited for an opportunity to escape to North America.

Visual arts
Gwangju Biennale 2014
Gwangjiu, 03.09.2014 - 10.11.2014

This year Spain is represented by the design studio El Último Grito formed by Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo, who explore our relationship between object and culture through different disciplines and a broad variety of projects.

2nd Ópera de Tenerife International Singing Competition
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 12.09.2014 - 17.09.2014

AC/E is supporting the second Ópera de Tenerife International Singing Competition through the PICE / Visitors programme by facilitating the participation of international experts Hein Mulders (Intendant, AALTO Musiktheater, and Philarmonie Essen, Germany) and Maria Angélica Ojeda (Executive manager, director general and creator of the  Festival Internacional de Ópera Laguna Mágica, San Pedro de la Paz, Chile)as jury members.

Víctor Grippo. Transformation
México DF, 28.06.2014 - 19.10.2014

This exhibition, curated by Spaniard Alicia Chillida, is intended to provide a broad-ranging view of the work of Víctor Grippo from his earliest artistic output of the 1960s to that of 2002, taking as a reference the idea of transformation.

Visual arts
Manifesta 10
San Petersburgo, 28.06.2014 - 31.10.2014

The curator of this year’s event, German Kasper König, has made a very small selection of artists in comparison to previous years, including two Spanish artists: the deceased Juan Muñoz and Jordi Colomer. AC/E is collaborating in the project to exhibit the works of both.

The Last Voyage of the Frigate Mercedes. A Cultural Treasure recovered
Madrid, 12.06.2014 - 30.11.2014

Two hundred and three years after the shipwreck of the frigate of Las Mercedes,  the ‘treasure hunting’ firm Odyssey Marine Exploration located and plundered part of this frigate’s cargo, illegally.  This exhibition aims to make these assets known and available to society as part of a heritage that belongs to it...

Photobooks: Spain 1905-1977
Madrid, 28.05.2014 - 05.01.2015

The Exhibition Photobooks: Spain 1905-1977 presents a journey through the history of the photobook in Spain, setting off at the beginning of the 20th century and ending in the mid seventies, via a selection from the Museo Reina Sofía Collection, contextualised and accompanied by an assortment of complementary material.

Cristina Lucas. Es Capital
Valladolid, 06.06.2014 - 05.10.2014

Cristina Lucas comes to what was once the cold storage room of the old slaughterhouse building in Madrid’s Legazpi district with a site-specific project that analyses some of the main unknown factors, paradoxes and challenges of the current capitalist system. 

Xavier Ribas, Nitrate
Barcelona, 05.06.2014 - 12.10.2014

With this exhibition MACBA, with the collaboration of AC/E, investigates the potential of photography as a tool for re-reading recent history through themes that invite us to reflect on our immediate surroundings. 

Beyond the Supersquare
Nueva York, 01.05.2014 - 11.01.2015

AC/E collaborates, through the mobility programme of the PICE, with The Bronx Museum of the Arts in this exhibition supporting the participation of the Spanish artist Jordi Colomer with two works:  Avenida Ixtapaluca, 2009 (video 6:10 min.) y Co-Op City, 2010 (video 8:13 min).

Galería de audiovisuales de la exposición TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food
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