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Meeting Bowls 2017

Meeting Bowls 2017
Created by the Spanish collaborative mmmm…, the Meeting Bowls are social places for gathering, getting to know people, and fostering dialogue in small groups.  Stop by to hang with friends, have lunch, conduct a meeting or simply relax.  This space is for you, so enjoy!  The playful urban furniture will be installed at 1320 N Courthouse Road from July 12 to November 1 (watch their construction on July 11).  The Meeting Bowls will then be moved to Miami. Florida (November 15 thru December 23) to the Design District of Art Basel Miami, co-organized by the Spanish Cultural Center in Miami (CCE Miami).  This project is made possible through a grant from AC/E.

#ArlingtonArts, #ARLPublicArt, #ReimagineCivic, # MeetingBowls

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