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Programme Internationalisation

Programme of Residencies

The residency programmes are designed to provide participants with the time, space and means to work in optimal conditions. They include production support and expert assistance to encourage the transition to professional practice. The programmes are aimed at helping the participants achieve the highest possible level of professionalism by equipping them with suitable theoretical and practical tools and providing them with contacts in the complex art world.

>Residencies and spaces for artistic production locator in Europe and Latin America 

>European Policy Handbook on Artist's Residencies

>¿What's an artistic Residency? (MP3 in Spanish)

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Acción Cultural Española has joined the international network of artists’ residencies by supporting the following programmes:

  • Krokodil's Writer-in-Residence program 2017

    In the 2027 residence the Krokodil Association has include Spanish writers in the list of countries from which they have want to host writers so far. AC/E supports the participation of Spanish writer Mercerdes Cebrián. During the month she intends to work with the Serbian and regional literary circles and the media and meeting publishers in order to obtain publishing contracts.
  • Ángel Calvo Ulloa at the Residencia Paulo Reis de Ateliê Fidalga 2017
    The Residência Paulo Reis de Ateliê Fidalga seeks to forge ties between Spain, Portugal and Brazil, in the say way that the curator Paulo Reis (1960‒2011) did during his career. These links are established through knowledge of the local art scene, public presentations of the Spanish context, in this case given by the guest curator, and the forging of two-way long-distance relationships between artists, curators and other agents of these countries.
  • Artist Residency at the University of Washington School of Music with Paco Diez 2017
    Paco Diez has received an artistic residency in Seattle for one month at the University of Washington School of Music, and community outreach through UW’s Meany Center for the Performing Arts. He will work with ethnomusicology students, focusing on Spanish Sephardic Folk Music from the Iberian musical tradition.
    He will also be available for outreach with UW students on campus and with K-12 public school students, including in-school lecture/demonstrations and possibly a student matinee.
  • AC/E and Gasworks Residency 2017
    The artist Claudia Pagés has been selected for this residency in Gasworks (London) that will take place from 3 April  to 26 de junio 2017. AC/E y Gasworks organize this residency for  an aspiring artist based in the SpainGasworks’ residencies are opportunities for self-led professional development, artistic exchange and experimentation. The artist should be able to engage discursively and speculatively with Gasworks' environment and London's wider artistic and cultural context. 
  • Residency Programme Calor Calor 2016
    Calor Calor offers an activity programme that is designed to facilitate interaction with the local context and to draw attention to the characteristics of the desert and the sea as channels for thought and creation. AC/E is supporting the APNEA project, which is designed to develop a sensory atmosphere through a video-installation with underwater images due to be recorded in the waters of the Gulf of California in Baja California Sur.
  • Hangar – Sags Korea Residency 2017
    Hangar, the Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture and Acción Cultural Española are running this exchange programme between Spain and Korea.  The Spanish artist David Crespo has been selected by the Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture to enjoy a three-month residency between April and June 2017, at  the Seoul Arts Space Geumcheon (Seoul) . In parallel a Korean artist to travel to Spain for a residency, also lasting three months, at Hangar (Barcelona) during 2017.
  • Programme of Residencies AC/E and FLORA ars+natura 2017
    From February 6 takes place the second edition of Escuela Flora, Residency Program co-organized by AC / E in its call for Spanish artists begins. In this edition, the selected Spanish artist Mauro Vallejo shares eleven months of training and practice with 25 other artists from 13 countries. The program includes seminars with local artists and curators.
  • Artistic Residency at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo 2016
    The event "Spanish artists at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo 2016" is a project in which Spanish artists David Bestué and Fran Meana are invited to take part of KUNSTHALLE São Paulo Art Residency program during the year of 2016. The program provides each artist with the possibility of spending a period of 6 weeks in São Paulo, while developing a new research, that will be displayed in the Vitrine space. 
  • Residency of Elías Merino and Daniel del Río at the Game Of Life Foundation 2016
    Musical commission for the Game of Life Foundation as a result of an artistic residency in the Wave Field Synthesis system. This sytem it’s unique in the world and it is destined for the development, research, practice and exhibition of sound art pieces at international level. The artists Elías Merino and Daniel del Río will be develop a sound art piece and an installation for the renowed Wave Field Synthesis system as well as, to give a talk and present their work in The Hague and Amsterdam.
  • Residencies for Curators Tabakalera - Arts Initiative Tokyo 2016
    This call is addressed to curators developing their curatorial practices within the Basque Country (Autonomous Community) who are willing to explore new contexts and expand their artistic trajectory whilst the development of their practices. The residency, which will last four weeks, will offer space, context and time for the development of the curatorial project. The residency will take place between November and December, 2016 at Arts Initiative Tokyo. AIT was begun by six art curators and organisers in 2001 in Tokyo.