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Culture on the Net #Recommendations

Culture on the Net #Recommendations This section is designed to give visibility to and promote organizations, artists and professionals from the cultural industries both in Spain and overseas.
We propose you explore the following:
ACCES (Asociación Cultural Coordinadora Estatal de Salas privadas de música en directo)
ACCESS organizes the field of live music, through lifelong learning and recognition of professionals in the sector and representation before different institutions and organizations, live music venues, and advice on the various aspects legal, economic, artistic and cultural. Acceder
Aerowaves. Dance across Europe
Aerowaves is a hub for dance discovery in Europe. We identify the most promising new work by emerging dance artists and then promote it through cross-border performances. Aerowaves' network of partners in 33 countries enables these younger choreographers to bring brand new dance to brand new audiences. Acceder
Agenda Arquitectura
Everything you need to know about architecture events in universities, museums, galleries and foundations all over Spain.  Acceder
Aporfest. Associaçao portuguesa de Festivais de Música
Aporfest is an association that aims to contribute to the development and professionalization of music festivals in Portugal. It promotes contacts between its members provides information, encourages education and research, and strategically supports everyone interested in music festivals. It is a representative organization in Portugal that  makes an important contribution to the development of the industry. Acceder
ARC, Artists at Risk Connection
ARC is an interactive hub to gather, share, and coordinate the many resources, services, and forms of assistance available to artists at risk. Under the leadership of PEN America and an Advisory Committee of artistic freedom experts, ARC aims to safeguard the freedom to create art and ensure that artists everywhere can live and work without fear by strengthening connections between threatened artists and the organizations that support them, expanding the universe of institutions and organizations actively engaged in artist assistance, and facilitating assistance collaborations to serve artists at risk with increased efficiency. Acceder
Arte informado. Guía de Arte
A comprehensive directory of artists, organizations, professionals and art services in Spain and Latin America. Acceder
Arts Network Asia
Arts Network Asia (ANA), set up by an independent group of artists, cultural workers and arts activists from Asia, is an enabling grant body working across borders in multiple disciplines that encourages and supports regional artistic collaboration as well as develops managerial and administrative skills within Asia. It is a network where individuals from around the world, through residencies and projects, develop local communities in Asia. Acceder
Artsy’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. It's a resource for art collecting and education. Artsy features the world’s leading galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, all in one place. Their growing database of 300,000 images of art, architecture, and design by 40,000 artists spans historical, modern, and contemporary works, and includes the largest online database of contemporary art. Artsy is used by art lovers, museum-goers, patrons, collectors, students, and educators to discover, learn about, and collect art. Acceder
Asociación de Grupos Españoles de Música Antigua
The Association GEMA (Spanish Groups of Classical Music) shuffles important general objectives to structure the music sector and is part of the State Council for the Performing Arts and Music. Its members are a large number of Spanish groups dedicated to historical music, young and old, large, medium and small vocal and instrumental ensembles, and repertoires ranging from medieval times to the nineteenth century. They aim to spread the musical heritage and practice of Spanish musicians. Acceder
Centro de Documentación de Música y Danza
The center operates under the Spanish National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) and its main functions are to collect, organize and disseminate information relating to music and dance in Spain. They provide direct service to users through consultation, bibliographic instruction, specialized searches, etc. Professionals, specialists, researchers and general users can access their funds: monographs, periodicals, audiovisual, scores, concert handbills, video, photo files. Acceder
Connect CP
Un Directorio Internacional de Expertos en Planificación, Gestión e Investigación de Políticas Culturales, que tiene como objetivo prioritarios aumentar y auspiciar el flujo de ideas, conocimientos, experiencias y competencias sobre el sector de las políticas culturales Acceder
Contexto teatral
Contexto Teatral es una iniciativa de Nuevenovenos para difundir y visibilizar la dramaturgia española actual . Un espacio para dar cabida a los profesionales que escriben teatro par que presenten sus trabajos y hacerlos accesibles a compañías, programadores, prensa, etc. y así facilitar que sus obras sean leídas, conocidas, publicadas y estrenadas.  Acceder
An initiative of PUMA.Creative, Creative Art Network is both a live and virtual platform connecting the creative world, giving visibility to the talents working in architecture, dance, design, fashion, film, fine art, literature, music, new media, performing arts and photography. Acceder
Creators Network (Madrid)
El Archivo de Creadores cuenta con documentación física y online de 150 jóvenes artistas o colectivos de 17 nacionalidades distintas y vinculados a Madrid. Su objetivo es dar a conocer entre el público especializado y el público general, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional, el trabajo de los creadores madrileños. Acceder
A digital platform that offers specialized services to cultural professionals and focused on Latin America. It creates international cultural networks that allow the development and professionalization of the sector. It has designed a portal that brings together the most important social tools available to the web and has been integrated into a single space. It includes a platform of cultural employment, blogs, specialized articles and much more. Acceder
Cultural Professional Network. The Guardian
Una red internacional con gran reputación en el sector de las artes, que ofrece una equilibrada mezcla de noticias, comentarios y herramientas para los profesionales del mundo de la cultura. Ofrece noticias internacionales y herramientas digitales para dinamizar la participación de una gran comunidad del sector. Acceder
Curators from Germany
La base de datos de gestores Culturales alemanes en la red. Acceder
Curators network
Una plataforma digital que alberga un archivo audiovisual de artistas, curadores y gestores culturales europeos. La base de datos es dinámica y crece, convirtiéndose así en una fuente importante sobre arte joven contemporáneo europeo. Acceder
Dance from Spain
Dance from Spain is brand driven by ICEX for internationalization of dance made ​​in Spain. It represents companies and enterprises that develop activities related to the production and distribution of dance shows. It can be consulted in their catalogue. Acceder
Directory of Spanish Museums and Art Collections
The Directory of Museums and Collections of Spain is a tool that allows you to know and approach the more than 1500 museums and museographic collections existing in Spain, being a lively representation of the rich current museum panorama. Acceder
Ello - The Creator's Network
This network is the only designed for creators, by creators. A robust and growing community of artists, designers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, architects, GIF makers - creators, who understand that their process, practice, values and passions can push the world forward in a better direction. Acceder
The premier platform for digital publishing professionals in Spanish, it is aim primarily for Spain and Latin America. It has a community of professionals, training programs and a program of incubation. Acceder
España fascinante (Fascinating Spain)
A complete cultural guide to enjoy the most fascinating Spain. Over 3,300 pages of heritage destinations, cultural activities, festivals, fairs and parks. 15 blogs and 16 facebook pages with the best exhibitions and cultural activities from all around Spain. Acceder
European Cultural Foundation.
Una Fundación que apoya el intercambio cultural y la expresión creativa a través de una Europa más amplia. Acceder
European Network of Cultural Centres
ENCC currently represents over 3 000 cultural centres in at least 15 countries with more than 15 000 employees, thousands of volunteers and 40 million visitors per year. Itis organising diverse events contributing to the professional development of its members, the structuring of the sector, the development of cooperation and innovation at a European level  Acceder
Festclásica. Asociación Española de Festivales de Música Clásica
It aims at the integration of major music festivals that take place in our country in the various disciplines of early, classical and contemporary music. There are over thirty music festivals  in Spain members of this association which organized annually over 1000 concerts, and form an extraordinary network of musical activities in which they operate thousands of artists and the public attending the entire national territory. Acceder
French Curators
A dynamic list conceived as a useful tool for professionals. It provides a general overview of talents active today in the field of curating in France. It provides a short biography as well as their most recent exhibitions. It also provides their contact, according to their field of expertise. It is by no means exhaustive, and is meant to be updated regularly. An initiative of the French Institute. Acceder
Guide of the Dance in Spain.
Dependent on the INAEM, is the web where professionals will find comprehensive and useful information relating to their work. They are even afforded the possibility of contacting other professionals to find work or become involved in projects Fans will be able to acquire up-to-date information and become better acquainted with the reality of this fascinating world. .
Independent Curators International (ICI)
Independent Curators International (ICI) produces exhibitions, events, publications, research and training opportunities for curators and diverse audiences around the world. Established in 1975, ICI is a unique organization that focuses on the role of the curator as a contextualizing force for contemporary art, and one that develops infrastructure for contemporary artists and art discourse in different contexts throughout the world. ICI connects emerging and established curators, artists, and art spaces, into collaborative networks that are relevant regionally and inscribed within an international framework. Acceder
International Council for Traditional Music
A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO. The ICTM World Network is composed of individuals, called Liaison Officers, and representatives of organisations, called National and Regional Committees. They all act as links between the Council and the community of individuals and organizations involved with traditional music and dance in their country or region. As of October 2016, the International Council for Traditional Music is officially represented in 125 countries or regions. Acceder
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