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Turn the Page. An Invitation to Read

Turn the Page. An Invitation to Read
The exhibition takes an engaging and playful – though no less thorough – look at what reading and the pleasure of reading mean. It sets out to advocate reading, literature and book cathedrals, places whose goal is to create and encourage the enjoyment of reading. It is an exhibition designed to defend all the imaginary countries with vague borders to which books transport us.

Zuloark’s design is based on the library as the centrepiece of the project, a place that revolves arounds books and spaces for reading. The exhibition consists of ten bookcases full of books on the outside. These modules allow the exhibition to travel easily to various venues and adapt to their spaces. Inside each module is a corner devoted to a specific theme related to the adventure of reading and books:  

-The Books of our Life where writers talk about their favourite books.
-Book people shows the main people and the stages involved in creating and publishing a book.
-Everything is Literature presents the new digital formats, the new languages and forms of writing compared to traditional ones.
-This Chair is Uncomfortable is an invitation to experience the different ways you can sit and read a book.
-I Read, Do you Read? shows the statistics on reading in Spain, from the favourite genres to the hours we spend reading, etc.
-It’s a matter of getting started is a look at some of the great works of universal literature.
-Paper Landscapes shows photographs of some of the greates bookstores and libraries of the world.
-Opening a Book recreates some of the spaces of three fundamental and universal books: Hamlet, Don Quixote and Frankenstein through artis David Espinosa's work. 
-Ilustrators presents the work of some of the best ilustrators in Spains and their creative process.
-Next Stop: A Book is a metro plana metro plan, consisting of seven thematic lines, that proposes a different route of reading through works of all eras, languages and genres.

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