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  • ¡Únete! Join Us! Trailer. Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2017
    AC/E supports AECID in the organization and production of the Pavilion of Spain at the Biennial whose guest artist is Jordi Colomer with the project ¡Únete! Join us! The Spanish artist Jordi Colomer presents in the pavilion his exhibition project "Ciudad de bolsillo", curated by Manuel Segade. It is a "installation of installations" composed of a series of videos, sculptures and the space itself understood as a total but provisional architecture. The installation is organized from the central space with natural light, with the presence of models, prototypes, scale reproductions of these movements, which also incorporate objects used in actions recorded in video and that rhythm the ensemble of the pavilion.   
  • Pity and Terror. Picasso's Path to Guernica​
    The exhibition homages Guernica’s first showing 80 years after and it has the great mural at its heart. It looks again at Picasso’s depiction of modern warfare – war from the air, death from a distance, aimed at the destruction of whole populations – and the special kinds of agony, bewilderment, and terror such warfare brings with it. In particular, the exhibition focus on the roots of Guernica’s imagery in Picasso’s previous turn, during the years following 1925, toward scenes of frenzied or ecstatic human action.  
  • Presentación del Pabellón de España Expo Astana 2017
    This is the Pavilion of Spain at EXPO 2017 Astana, which was presented on April 25 at the Palacio de Viana. With the motto 'Energy for the Planet', the pavilion invites its visitors to travel through space and time to discover how and why Spain has become a leader in the use of renewable energy in its implementation and research.  
  • Smart Culture Conference 2017
    This conference is organised jointly by Acción Cultural Española and Fundación Telefónica, in connection with the publication of the fourth edition (2017) of the AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report. The participating experts will discuss the application of new technologies in the culture sector.  
  • Concert for the European Day of Ancient Music at the Royal Chapel in the Palace of Aranjuez
    This concert was recorded in the Royal Chapel of the Palace of Aranjuez on the afternoon of Monday, March 20 in the European Day of Ancient Music. Meeting fourteen Spanish artists in a program of music composed by Spanish musicians and some of the Italians who settled in Madrid and lived long seasons in Aranjuez in the service of the kings of Spain as Domenico Scarlatti or Domingo Porretti.  
  • About Barbieri's exhibition
    The exhibition is a tribute to Francisco Asenjo Barbieri. Through more than 250 pieces, it reconstructs the rich life and work of Barbieri, who was, as he narrated, "a medical student, apprentice engineer, conservatory student, showgirl, parachutist, conductor , director of a high school, secretary of another, military musician, national militiaman, businessman, journalist, bibliophile, composer and constant adorer of the beautiful sex".  
  • Discover the Virtual Reality experience of the exhibition 'Charles III and the Dissemination of Antiquity'
    This inmersion in virtual reality enables the exhibition to be viewed simultaneously from three different venues in Naples, Mexico DF and Madrid. With the aid of the most advanced digital technology, it shows the highly significant role played by Charles III in disseminating the heritage of Herculaneum, Pompeii and Stabiae, as it was he who, as king of Naples, gave orders for the excavations at one of the most important historic sites ever discovered.   
  • Rencontres Littéraires Espagnoles 2016 - Impressions d'Europe
    El objeto de los Encuentros Literarios españoles es promover y valorizar la cultura y la literatura española para el público lo más amplio posible a través de debates, grandes entrevistas, charlas públicas, funciones de teatro, películas y la apertura de una gran librería española. AC/E apoyó las intervenciones de varios autores españoles.  
  • Video of the exhibition '16 Characters to marvel at and...Miguel de Cervantes' at the BNE
    Opening of the exhibition at the Spanish National Library in Madrid. This exhibition paints with words and literary creations a historical portrait of Cervantes, guided by the literary characters who populate and give life to his works. Galatea, Persiles and Sigismunda, don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Dorotea, The Knight of the White Moon, The Duke and Duchess, Clavileño, The Licentiate Vidriera (Doctor Glass-Case), Rinconete and Cortadillo, Preciosa, Cipión and Berganza, doña Lorenzana, Chanfalla, Catalina de Oviedo and Pedro de Urdemalas.  
  • Challenges of the Internationalization of Spanish Culture
    Under the subtitle ‘Identities, at the border’, the 2nd Forum for the Culture is a space to reflect on the main challenges of  the 21st Century Society. AC/E supports the panel "Challenges of the Internationalization of Spanish Culture" that takes place on November 4 at 11.30 h.  
  • Mujeres en vanguardia en la UAM
    Dentro del programa 'Mujeres con nombre propio en la educación española' de la UAM que es un homenaje a todas y cada una de las mujeres que han contribuido a la renovación pedagógica (las conocidas y las invisibles), se inaugura la exposición de AC/E "Mujeres en vanguardia". Una semana cultural se conjugaron varias actividades, desde exposiciones, proyección de una película con la presencia de su director cinematográfico y documentales con la presencia de sus creadoras, conferencias, presentación de libro, un taller y, como colofón, una excursión por el Madrid de la Renovación Pedagógica.  
  • Vídeo about #MiguelENCervantes at Instituto Cervantes in Madrid
    Video about the fascinating and little-known life of #MiguelENCervantes with # comics which opened yesterday 4 October at the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in Madrid, where it will be until January 8, 2017.  
  • A tour through the exhibition "Lusitania romana" at the MAN
    The exhibition brings together more than 200 pieces of great archaeological and historical importance (fifteen of which have been classified by the Portuguese state as ‘National Treasures’) belonging to museums and cultural institutions – twelve in Portugal and four in Spain (Mérida, Badajoz and Cáceres) – of different types.  
  • Promo del XLIV Festival Internacional Cervantino
    Vídeo resumen sobre la edición 2017 del Festival Internacional Cervantino de Guanajuato en el 400 Aniversario de Cervantes. Participan más de 3.500 artistas de 38 países, en cerca de 700 actividades. La mayor celebración cultural sobre Cervantes #SoloEnElCervantino  
  • Vídeo of the exhibition 'Interludes'
    A tour around this exhibition that analyses the artistic development in Spain in the first third of the twentieth century and how it was directly related to the popular genres, their characters and works. The chosen period coincides with the so-called ‘Silver Age’ in Spain, which was particularly notable for its literary production and spanned three generations of internationally acclaimed writers: the Generations of ’98, ’14 and ’27.  
  • Josu de Solaun plays in his tour through China
    The great Spanish pianist Josu De Solaun played in the Tianjin Grand Theatre its most acclaimed repertoire, as part of a world tour of 12 concerts in China during the month of July 2016. He was grantes with AC/E's Mobility Programme 2016.  
  • Vídeo sobre la exposición 'Camilo José Cela. Un libro y toda la soledad'
    La exposición quiere ser un recorrido veraz y atractivo por todos los perfiles del escritor Camilo José Cela: novelista, narrador, articulista, vagabundo, memorialista, dramaturgo, lexicógrafo, poeta. Un clásico de las letras del siglo XX. A la par, la exposición no ha querido dejarse en el tintero la expresión de otras caras de su personalidad: académico, editor, promotor cultural, artista conocedor y amante de las artes, coleccionista. Las caras que conforman “el otro Cela”. Del 4 de julio al 25 de septiembre de 2016  
  • Las heridas del viento - Gracias Acción Cultural Española
    Agradecimiento de Kiti Mánver a Acción Cultural Española por haber incluido LAS HERIDAS DEL VIENTO en las ayudas de su programa de movilidad al extranjero (PICE) llevando la obra a Nueva York en Diciembre de 2015.  
  • About the exhibition "Hispania Nostra" in the COAM
    The Hispania Nostra association celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2016. A prominent feature of its programme is the Europe Nostra European conference on cultural heritage, which is due to take place in Madrid from 23 to 27 May.  
  • Golden Lyon for 'Unfinished'
    The Spanish Pavilion in the Biennale di Archittetura di Venezia 2016 has been awarded with the golden Lyon. The Spanish curators, Carlos Quintáns and Iñaqui Carnicero, pushed for exhibiting works of more than fifty national studies that have faced the economic crisis, and the architecture itself, altering its priorities.Testing their knowledge, demanding more to his talent, giving up showing great economic benefits and social concern. So while other pavilions make a diagnosis of what is happening in many places in the world, the Spanish exhibition shows how to initiate a treatment that gives new meaning (social, besides cultural and technical) to Architecture.  
  • Thank you AC/E. Amsterdam Spanish Film Fest 2016
    ​Actors, directors and film professionals thank AC/E from the Amsterdam Spanish Film Fest 2016 for the Mobility Grants received.We also wnat to thanks them: Inma Cuesta, Marina Seresesky, Fele Martínez, Inés París, Dani de la Torre, Cesc Gay and Asier Etxeandia.