¿What is AC/E?
¿What is AC/E?

Archive Taz -Temporary Autonomous Zone
Luxembourg, 19.06.2015 - 06.09.2015

The project by the multidisciplinary collective with Spanish origins, Todo por la Praxis, who are invited as residents in June 2015, breathes new life into a public space which has been abandoned as such within the heart of the city of Luxembourg (where the boulevard de la Pétrusse and the Passerelle/Viaduc meet). Here, the artists are offering an alternative approach to conventional architecture by setting up a Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ): an ephemeral space, new constructed and made up of elements which may or may not serve their main function. 


Spain Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

Milán, 1 May - 31 Oct 2015

Innovation and tradition come together in The Language of Flavour, Spain Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, which is based on three main pillars: a successful chain of food production, the quality and diversity of our diet and cuisine, and sustainable agriculture and farming as a tool to preserve the landscape, heritage and development of alternative models of tourism. The pavilion presents to the world Spain’s strengths and unique qualities, based on the main topics of Expo Milano 2015 –Feeding the planet. Energy for life–, with a creative and surprising range of activities focused on the senses.

SATURATION New Spanish Painting
London, 23.06.2015 - 31.07.2015

‘Saturation’ looks at the role of painting in contemporary artistic production in Spain. Young artists turn to painting with an apparent renewed enthusiasm and dedication. With numerous and expanding media and technologies available, what then is the role of painting in this age of visual saturation?

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DARKER AND DARKER GROWS THE LANDSCAPE (la possibilité d’une île)
Ginebra, 03.07.2015 - 02.08.2015

The exhibition, curated by Bénédicte le Pimpec & Isaline Vuille, proposes the participant artists to investigate and find those clues in order to make a proposal that fills the physical space with their artworks. Works by artists Maxime Bondu, Marcel Broodthaers, Gerard Byrne, Jasmina Cibic, collectif_fact, Aurélien Froment, Uriel Orlow, Paloma Polo y Riikka Taurianien try to show a new paradigma for a future world. AC/E collaborates in this project through the Mobility grants, supporing the Spanish artist Paloma Polo that presents her 16 mm film 'Path of Totality' together with 4 collages.

COSMO: Give me a Pipe and I will Move/Celebrate the Earth
NewYork, 24.06.2015 - 05.09.2015

The artistic installation by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation, has the shape of a garden that purifies water from the East River and it's at the MoMA PS1 in New York. Andrés Jaque was the winner of the 2015 del Young Architects Program del The Museum of Modern Art  and MoMA PS1 New York. More than 2 billion gallons of water circulate everyday beneath New York City. COSMO is a movable artifact, made out of customized irrigation components, to make visible and enjoyable the so-­‐far hidden urbanism of pipes we live by. 

Beaufort Beyond Borders 2015
Beaufort, 21.06.2015 - 21.09.2015

The fifth edition of Beaufort entitled ‘Beyond Borders’ continues to build upon the tradition of art in the public space from the previous editions, but also makes a firm choice for change and innovation.  The Spanish artist, Martí Anson, participates in the exhibition to be held at De Nachtegaal in De Panne with its work Catalan Pavilion - Anonymous Architect. AC/  supports this initiative through the mobility aids.

5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art
Thessaloniki, 23.06.2015 - 30.09.2015

Money functions as a general equivalent in the exchange of commodities. Money is at the heart of the economy. Money is frequently the subject matter and material matter of Spanish artist Carlos Aires’ work. He deals with it in a physical, conceptual, metaphorical but also playful and ironic way. His work is a cutout of actual banknotes of the 30 richest countries in the world (based on 2013 Gross Domestic Product).

Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival 2015
Curtas Vila do Conde, 04.07.2015 - 12.07.2015

En esta edición del festival, gracias al apoyo del Programa AC/E para la Internacionalización de la Cultura Española, el cine español está representado por tres producciones y sus autores: Little Block of Cement With Dishevelled Hair Containing The Sea, de Jorge Fernández, seleccionada para la sección No Short Matters!; Diámbulo de Javier García Martínez, seleccionada para International Competition; y el estreno mundial del nuevo documental del director Lois Patiño.

32 Festival de Almada 2015
Almada, 03.07.2015 - 18.07.2015

Almada festival is hailed as one of the most prestigious in Portugal and this year’s edition, the 32nd, is entitled O Novíssimo Teatro Espanhol and dedicated to the latest Spanish theatre. Two of its activities enjoy the support of AC/E through its Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture: theatre performances and staged readings.

Tapas. Spanish Design for Food
Madrid, 21.05.2015 - 19.07.2015

The exhibition, organized  and produced by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), shows through two hundred objects divided into four sections—Kitchen, Table, Food, and Wine—how design finds solutions to the problems posed over the years by the world of cuisine. And particularly how Spanish culture has come up with ingenious inventions and solutions throughout history. The exhibitiona is on show at the Museo Franz Mayer in México and at the Dimad (Matadero) in Madrid until 19 July.The exhibition takes a look at how Spanish culture has come up with ingenious inventions and solutions posed by the world of cuisine...Spain’s food culture crosses boundaries to compete at the highest level worldwide...

Venice, 09.05.2015 - 22.11.2015

Invited by the Biennale and with the support of AC/E, the Spanish artist Dora García is taking part with a performance project entitled The Sinthome Score based on a transcription of Jacques Lacan’s 23rd seminar Le SinthomeOkwui Enwezor is the curator of this 56th International Art Exhibition. An art critic, writer and publisher and director of the Munich Haus der Kunst since 2011, Okwui Enwezor has proposed as this year’s title All the World´s Futures.

France–Spain 2015 Creators’ Residency
Paris, 01.07.2015 - 31.08.2015

The France–Spain Creators’ Residency, an activity that is part of the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture, is a programme of residencies organised jointly by AC/E and the Institute Française with the aim of boosting the internationalisation of their respective national artists.The chosen host institutions for 2015 are La Cité Des Arts (Paris) and the Residencia De Estudiantes (Madrid) for literature, and Central de Circo in Barcelona and the French Coopérative de Rue et de Crique (r2c2) for the performing arts (circus).

The face of literature. Writers and photographers from Romanticism to the Generation of ’14
Cuenca, 29.05.2015 - 02.08.2015

‘El rostro de las letras’ (The face of literature) makes an exhaustive survey of Spanish photographic portraits throughout a century and how they are reflected in the field of literature. Through more than 200 photographs, objects and documents, the exhibition’s argument sets out to reflect the evolution in Spanish photographic portraiture from the daguerreotype era to the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the Franco dictatorship.

Romani Lives. Lungo Drom
Miami, 07.05.2015 - 24.07.2015

Romani Lives. Lungo drom is an exhibition dealing with the least well-known gypsy reality of today, providing a modern perspective of this people and its way of life in a show that combines historical and contemporary photography, videos, interactive elements, documents, objects and cutting-edge technology.An exhibition dealing with the least well-known gypsy reality of today, providing a modern perspective of this people and its way of life.

José Guerrero. The Presence of Black 1950-1966
Barcelona, 07.05.2015 - 04.09.2015

 Scheduled in connection with the centenary of his birth, this is the first monographic exhibition that explores in depth what we might call the painter’s American years. The show features more than a hundred works, including paintings, prints and drawings from national and American collections that have never been exhibited in Spain.

Spanish Pavilion. 56th Venice Biennale 2015
Venice, 09.05.2015 - 22.11.2015

The Spanish Pavilion at the Biennale is organised by the AECID with the collaboration of AC/E and is curated by Martí Manen.  Its project, entitled Los sujetos (The subjects), features works by the artists Pepo Salazar (Vitoria, 1972), Helena Cabello (Paris, 1963) & Ana Carceller (Madrid, 1964) and Francesc Ruiz (Barcelona, 1971). Los sujetos is intended to provide a very free view of Dalí through the works of the chosen creators.

Women & Women
Palermo, 28.05.2015 - 17.07.2015

The photographs featured in the exhibition portray the essence of the female body and express the changes that have occurred on the art scene in recent decades. Works in different formats by five contemporary Spanish artists – Beatriz Moreno, Isabel Muñoz, Ouka Leele, Gabriela Grech and Soledad Córdoba – have been selected for the show.

La Folía presents in Paris 'Música instrumental del tiempo de Velázquez'
Paris, 07.07.2015 - 07.07.2015

The Spanish early music group La Folía is performing at the Paris launch of L’affrontement de la peinture, a monograph on Velázquez written by Guillaume Kient and published by Cohen & Cohen. The book includes the group’s CD Musica instrumental del tiempo de Velázquez. The concert is due to be held at 7pm on 7 July at the Embassy of Spain in Paris and the programme includes works by Correa de Arauxo, Botelero, Frescobaldi, Castello, Selma y Salaverde, Van Eyck, Froberger and Falconiero.

Lara Almarcegui en Kunsthaus Baselland
Basel, 22.05.2015 - 12.07.2015

AC/E is collaborating on this project with the Kunsthaus Baselland to support the activities of the Spanish artist Lara Almarcegui, who has been invited to hold an exhibition at the Kunsthaus featuring part of her work as a retrospective and also including new work in a complex, very physical installation designed as a voyage of discovery. 

La exposición 'El rostro de las letras' en la Fundación Antonio Pérez en Cuenca

El vídeo recorre algunas de las fotografías de importantes escritores expuestas y una entrevista con su comisario Publio López Mondejar. 

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Promo 'from doodles to pixels_over 100 years of Spanish animation'

En esta edición del Festival Internacional de Animación de Annecy, España es el país invitado. Este vídeo promociona el programa "Focus on Spain” que engloba la presencia y actividades relacionadas con España en el Festival. 

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The exhibition examines episodes in her life and analyses her literature and influence on subsequent writers. From her early years through her youth and her mature years, on show works by Zurbarán, Ribera and her original manuscripts, an account of Teresa’s life through her written work marks the exhibition layout.

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A tour through this exhibition taht traces the personal, intellectual and political biography of one of the architects of the entry of Spain into modernity: Ricardo de Orueta. His life embodies the prototype of citizens committed to democratic freedoms, applied to culture. 

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