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  • XVII Festival de Cine de Guanajuato 2014

    Guanajuato, 25.07.2014 - 03.08.2014

    AC/E colabora en esta decimoséptima edición del festival que lleva por tema los desplazamientos forzados de personas,  apoyando la participación de Alberto Vázquez, Ana Palacios, Chico Pereira y Sergio Oksman.

  • Storming Times Square

    Visual Arts
    Nueva York, 24.07.2014 - 27.07.2014

    Using methods of public intervention and video installation, Storming Times Square is presented by Times Square Arts in  partnership with bitforms gallery and supported by AC/E and Spain Arts & Culture.

  • Festival de Colores Flamencos de Olomouc 2014

    Olomouc, 24.07.2014 - 27.07.2014

    En esta sexta edición del festival, con el apoyo del programa PICE de AC/E,  Iván Vargas, Karime Amaya y Alba Heredia, tres jóvenes promesas del baile flamenco presentan su espectáculo en el que rinden homenaje a la figura de Carmen Amaya.

  • VI Encuentro Internacional de Percusión. Lima 2014

    Lima, 22.07.2014 - 26.07.2014

    Con la colaboración de AC/E gracias al programa PICE de internacionalización de la cultura española, el grupo  Neopercusión dirigido por Juanjo Guillén participa en esta VI edición del encuentro.

  • La calle de los pasos perdidos

    Visual Arts
    Lectoure, 19.07.2014 - 31.08.2014

    El proyecto artístico de Pilar Albarracín La calle de los pasos perdidos,  propone una reflexión sobre las teorías de la justicia en el contexto de crisis espiritual, social y económica de nuestros días. La muestra incluyte fotografía, video e instalación.. 

  • DanceWeb - ImPulsTanz 2014

    Performing Arts
    Viena, 17.07.2014 - 17.08.2014

    El programa de becas DanceWEB 2014, organizado por Life Long Burning, se enmarca en ImPulsTanz - Festival Internacional de Danza de Viena, bajo la tutela del coreógrafo austríaco Chris Haring. AC/E colabora con este programa apoyando la participación de Marina Colomina Martínez.

  • Liverpool Biennial 2014

    Visual Arts
    Liverpool, 05.07.2014 - 26.10.2014

    AC/E is collaborating in this eighth Biennial by supporting the participation of Spanish guest artists Cristina De Middel and Ira Lombardia with the project Not All Documents Are Records: Photographing Exhibitions as an Art Formand Víctor Herrero in The Companion – A Weekend Performance Programme.

  • Juan Uslé. I dreamed that you appeared

    Visual Arts
    Santiago de Compostela, 04.07.2014 - 28.09.2014

    It is for the first time that the series of works of the so-called “black paintings”, “Soñé que revelabas” (“I dreamed that you appeared”), by Spanish painter Juan Uslé (Documenta IX and others) is presented in a German museum

  • That (any) object

    Visual Arts
    Viena, 02.07.2014 - 24.08.2014

    . Basque artist Asier Mendizábal is also taking part in the event with the support of the mobility grants awarded by AC/E under the PICE.

  • Generation of ‘14. Science and Modernity

    Santander, 01.07.2014 - 31.08.2014

    In 2014 it will be 100 years since the historical context that saw the emergence of a generation of writers and artists whose aim was to Europeanise Spanish culture through an aesthetic renewal of literature and art... 

  • Víctor Grippo. Transformación

    Visual Arts
    México DF, 28.06.2014 - 19.10.2014

    La muestra ofrece una amplia visión del trabajo de Víctor Grippo desde el inicio de su producción artística en los años sesenta hasta el 2002 tomando como referencia la idea de la transformación. AC/E colabora a través de su programa PICE para la internacionalización de la cultura española.

  • Manifesta 10

    Visual Arts
    San Petersburgo, 28.06.2014 - 31.10.2014

    The curator of this year’s event, German Kasper König, has made a very small selection of artists in comparison to previous years, including two Spanish artists: the deceased Juan Muñoz and Jordi Colomer. AC/E is collaborating in the project to exhibit the works of both.

  • El Greco and Modern Painting

    Madrid, 24.06.2014 - 05.10.2014

    This exhibition sets out to show the importance of the rediscovery of the Cretan painter in the development of nineteenth- and twentieth-century painting.

  • Wilfredo Prieto. Speaking Badly about Stones

    Visual Arts
    Gante, 21.06.2014 - 21.09.2014

     The exhibition is organized by S.M.A.K with the collaboration of AC/E's PICE programme for the internationalization of Spanish culture. It's the very first cross section of Wilfredo Prieto's artistic practice over the past fifteen years.

  • Festival de Estoril Lisboa 2014

    Lisboa, 26.06.2014 - 04.08.2014

    With the collaboration of Acción Cultural Española through the PICE mobility awards, the festival, now in its 40th year, is featuring in its programme the vihuela player José Miguel Moreno as part of the Mare Nostrum project devoted to Mediterranean culture.

  • The Last Voyage of the Frigate Mercedes. A Cultural Treasure recovered

    Madrid, 12.06.2014 - 30.11.2014

    Two hundred and three years after the shipwreck of the frigate of Las Mercedes,  the ‘treasure hunting’ firm Odyssey Marine Exploration located and plundered part of this frigate’s cargo, illegally.  This exhibition aims to make these assets known and available to society as part of a heritage that belongs to it...

  • La Biennale di Venezia. 2014

    Visual Arts
    Venice, 07.06.2014 - 23.11.2014

    The 14th Venice Biennale is intended as a biennale about architecture, not about architects. The Spanish Pavilion will examine the concept of ‘Interior’ as the overall theme of the pavilion. As the curator Iñaki Ábalos explains, ‘there is no architecture without an interior...

  • Cristina Lucas. Es Capital

    Visual Arts
    Valladolid, 06.06.2014 - 05.10.2014

    Cristina Lucas comes to what was once the cold storage room of the old slaughterhouse building in Madrid’s Legazpi district with a site-specific project that analyses some of the main unknown factors, paradoxes and challenges of the current capitalist system. 

  • Photobooks: Spain 1905-1977

    Visual Arts
    Madrid, 28.05.2014 - 05.01.2015

    The Exhibition Photobooks: Spain 1905-1977 presents a journey through the history of the photobook in Spain, setting off at the beginning of the 20th century and ending in the mid seventies, via a selection from the Museo Reina Sofía Collection, contextualised and accompanied by an assortment of complementary material.

  • Xavier Ribas, Nitrate

    Visual Arts
    Barcelona, 05.06.2014 - 12.10.2014

    With this exhibition MACBA, with the collaboration of AC/E, investigates the potential of photography as a tool for re-reading recent history through themes that invite us to reflect on our immediate surroundings. 

  • Berlin Biennale 8

    Visual Arts
    Berlín, 29.05.2014 - 03.08.2014

    For this 8th Biennale, AC/E is accordingly supporting the participation of Xabier Arakistain (curator), Erick Beltrán (artist), Chus Martínez (curator) and Pedro G. Romero (artist) in the public and education programme.  

  • Description of a Fight. Dora García and Jacob Wren

    Visual Arts
    Montreal, 23.05.2014 - 27.08.2014

    The Darling Foundry and the FTA (Festival Transámeriques), with the collaboration of AC/E through its mobility programme, are presenting the Description of a Fight project on which Dora García from Spain and the Canadian performer Jacob Wren are collaborating.

  • We could have it all

    Iasi, 01.05.2014 - 31.12.2014

    In the project Itziar Barrio borrows from popular music as a starting point for exploring language, politics and sexuality. At, the project began with a preliminary investigation starting in February to adapt it to the Romanian context. 

  • Beyond the Supersquare

    Visual Arts
    Nueva York, 01.05.2014 - 11.01.2015

    AC/E collaborates, through the mobility programme of the PICE, with The Bronx Museum of the Arts in this exhibition supporting the participation of the Spanish artist Jordi Colomer with two works:  Avenida Ixtapaluca, 2009 (video 6:10 min.) y Co-Op City, 2010 (video 8:13 min).

  • Digital Book: AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report. Focus 2014...


    The Annual Report is being launched with the aim of  analysing the impact of the Internet and that of the cultural world’s transition to the digital world. Ready to download in English and Spanish, PDf and Epub versions.

  • Digital Book: Tapas. Spanish Design for Food


    The book presents more than 200 designs of products for the Kitchen, for the Table and for Food • Projects by outstanding designers including: Arola, Azúa, Bankook, Benedito, Bernal, Bregaña, Carulla, Claret, Culdesac, díez+díez, Emiliana, Eslava, GR, Hayón, Huber, Lluscà, Luesma & Vega, Mañosa, Mariscal, Marquina, Moerel, Pensi, Quitllet, Serrano, Tusquets, Úbeda, Urquiola...

  • Book: The A-Z of Spanish Photographers


    An illustrated bibliographical dictionary with a significant amount of images, representative both of the variety of authors and of Spanish photography as a whole. A list of over 500 authors that spans the full spectrum of photography and that seeks to bear witness to its plurality. 

  • Auditorio 1988-2013

    Madrid, 01.04.2014 - 07.10.2014

    The purpose of the exhibition Auditorio 1988–2013 is to commemorate this landmark date. It is expected to be visited by both veteran aficionados keen to recall some of the moments experienced over the past twenty-five years 

  • Three-faceted music

    San José, 25.03.2014 - 31.08.2014

    The exhibition offers a visual and acoustic perspective on the indigenous, Hispanic and African cultural roots of Latin American music through audiovisual materials and instruments from the three cultures and their combinations.