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Eduardo Mendoza and the City of Marvels

Eduardo Mendoza and the City of Marvels
The exhibition is presented on the occasion of the presentation of the Cervantes 2016 award to the writer Eduardo Mendoza and is accompanied by coferences on the life and work of the writer. These activities are held at the University in Alcalá de Henares between April 23 and 27.

The exhibition brings together historical photographs of the Arxiu Fotogràfic of the Ajuntament de Barcelona that cover the city's life from the Universal Exhibition of 1888 to the International Exhibition of 1929, a period of time in which the two main novels of Eduardo Mendoza, "La Truth on the case Savolta "and" The city of Marvels " take place. The fifty photographs show the construction of the exhibition spaces that transformed the appearance of the city, the life of the bourgeoisie, anarchist protests and other social conflicts of this time.
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