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International Poetry Festival of Granada (Nicaragua) 2017

International Poetry Festival of Granada (Nicaragua) 2017
The International Poetry Festival of Granada is an event that brings together more than 100 poets each year from different nationalities who read their poems in squares, church atriums, schools, streets, universities and museums of the city of Granada in Nicaragua. It has a large public, both nationally and internationally. During the festival there are also literary workshops for children and young people, book fairs, presentations, poetry carnival, round tables and conferences.

This 13th edition of the FIPG is dedicated to the poets Manolo Cuadra and Roque Dalton.

AC/E collaborates with the festival  supporting the participation of poet Yolanda Castaño, National Critics Award 1999, Espiral Maior Prize 2007, Francisco Fernández del Riego Prize, Fermín Bouza Brey Prize III (1994), Prize of the Critique of Galician poetry (1998), for "Vivimos in the cycle of Erofanías" and Prize of Greater Poetry Spiral (2007).

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