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FIL Lima 2017, Lima International Book Fair

FIL Lima 2017, Lima International Book Fair
Lima international book fair (FIL) is a cultural event that promotes publishing and literature and is organised every year by the Cámara Peruana del Libro. Founded in 1946, it brings together publishers, distributors and booksellers who promote books and reading in Peru. Fourteen international delegations take part and 400,000 people attend the fair, which runs for 17 days. 

FIL Lima 2017 is the 22th edition of the fair, for which Mexico has been chosen as guest country. It features more than 130 activities for writers, publishers and international researchers, including book launches, roundtables, seminars, concerts and exhibitions, among others.

Thanks to the support of AC/E’s Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture, several Spanish writers are taking part in this year’s FIL Lima. They will present their work at various events and take part in a roundtable on fantasy literature of Spain and Latin America. 
They are a small advance prior to the participation of Spain as Country Guest of Honor in 2018.
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