¡Únete! Join Us! (eBook)

¡Únete! Join Us! is an “installation of installations“2 specifically conceived by Catalan artist Jordi Colomer and curated by Manuel Segade for the Spanish Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennial. When a title is directly addressed to the public a communication channel is thereby opened, awaiting an action as response: The imperative mode in “join us!“, addressed to each individual person, is not simply an appeal but truly expects something from the viewer. This bid for allegiance, in the hope that visitors decide to take part, goes beyond the decision to enter the exhibition hall: It is a relational expectation. The series of videos, the array of architectural structures and the plastic objects within the pavilion are textual mediations through which the social relationships at an international event of this level are partially articulated.

This catalogue includes the texts:
"The Coming Citizenry" by Manuel Segade
"Architecture and Its Double" by Bruce Bégout
"Construction Without End" by Manuel Cirauqui
"Little Magazines: Portable Utopia" by Beatriz Colomina
"Apparitions Theatre" by Andrea Valdés
"Jumping over walls A conversation between Francesco Careri and Jordi Colomer"

It also includes a selection of photographies and references to other projects and works by Jordi Colomer.