El Capitán Trueno. Tras los pasos del héroe (eBook)

El Capitán Trueno (lit. ‘Captain Thunder’) is an icon of twentieth-century Spanish culture. The original comic-book series, written by Víctor Mora and illustrated by Ambrós, attracted thousands of readers from the publication of the first issue in 1956 until well into the 1960s. And the successive re-editions published since then to the present day have likewise had a huge following.

The exhibition and its catalogue takes a look at three thematic and iconographic universes that were of crucial importance to the structure of this comic book over the years. These three areas are literature, architecture and technology, which are linked or bound together by a core idea that is political in nature: protection of the weak, aversion to tyranny (in all its varied forms) and the struggle for justice. With all its ambiguities and double meanings, and with all its wisdom, this is an essential comic book in Spanish history.