CJC 2016. The Centenary of a Nobel (eBook)

The exhibition, curated with great dedication and effort by Adolfo Sotelo, offered an attractive, accu­rate tour of all of the different facets of the writer Camilo José Cela: novelist, narrator, columnist, wayfarer, biographer, playwright, lexicographer, and poet. An immortal figure from the world of twentieth-century literature. At the same time, the exhibition explored other aspects of his personali­ty: as an academic, editor, cultural promoter, art lover and connoisseur, and collector.

1. A Biography of Camilo José Cela(Adolfo Sotelo Vázquez)
2. A Memoir of Camilo José Cela in Hounour of his Centenary (Darío Villanueva Prieto)
3. Otros géneros literarios en Camilo José Cela (Ana María Platas Tasende)
4. The Daily Struggle for the Chickpea (Ernesto Sánchez Pombo)
5. Splashes of Colour (César Antonio Molina)
6. Cela and Galicia(Luis Iglesias Feijoo)
7. The Fundación Pública Gallega Camilo José Cela (Covadonga Rodríguez del Corral)

Apendix with texts in English and Galician.