AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report 2017 (eBook)

The AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report is a publication designed to promote digital culture on the internet and help sector professionals and creators understand how to incorporate digital technologies into their work.   
This fourth edition of the Annual Report analyses the main technological trends that cultural managers will need to be aware of over the coming years and the impact of new digital technologies on the conservation, dissemination and study of art-historical heritage. Its contents are divided into two main sections to make it easier for the various target audiences to read.   
The seven articles that make up the first part provide an up-to-date overview of digital trends in the world of culture, or trends in the digital world that are applicable to culture. Content curation to tackle digital information overload, neuroscience applied to technology, the latest advances in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data and its applications to culture, and the use of technology in music are some of the subjects examined in this edition.
Just as the Focus section of the first Annual Report looked at the impact of the internet on the world of the performing arts (theatre, opera, dance, ballet, etc.), the second edition studied the use of new technologies in museums and third carried out a thorough analysis of their use at fifty Spanish and international festivals, this fourth edition surveys the use of digital technology in the conservation, analysis and dissemination of cultural heritage. This sector is growing fast, leading to radical changes in methodologies and formats. Augmented reality to reconstruct archaeological sites, virtual reality to provide immersive experiences in historical contexts, the use of 3D printing to duplicate and preserve works of the past, drones, GPR and satellite imaging for archaeological prospecting, and 3D imaging to recreate contexts and disseminate historic heritage are some of the cases of good practice the study reports on in order to familiarise sector professionals with the most innovative experiences and where they are being carried out.  >See summary

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