10 of 30. New Spanish Narrative 2020

10 of 30 is a project sponsored by the Office of Cultural and Scientific Relations at the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID). The project aims to bring international exposure to Spanish writers between the ages of 30 and 40, a period when a writer’s work often shows early maturity. Spanish readers have recognized the talent of these authors, and the quality of their work invites support for their translation into other languages.

The first edition of 10 of 30: New Spanish Narrative was distributed in 2019. An additional ten authors have been selected for 2020, and the project will culminate in 2021 with a third edition: thirty writers, representative of their generation, who will form part of the programming Spain will bring to Frankfurt 2021 as the Guest of Honor. The three editions of 10 of 30 represent a key initiative whose purpose is to raise awareness about these young writers, and reach foreign editors who will have the opportunity to read their early work. The writers selected for 2020 are: Irene Vallejo, Florencia del Campo, Sabina Urraca, Álex Chico,

Published in: 2020
Language: English and Spanish