5th National Meeting of Design Associations 2017

5th National Meeting of Design Associations 2017

The National Meetings of Design Associations (ENAD) are annual projects organised by READ (Spanish Network of Design Associations). Other collaborating organisations take part and their main purpose is to provide a common space for analysing the design sector.
This year is the fifth edition of the meeting and the main goals are to strengthen the progress made at previous forums and establish it as a major event on Spain’s culture scene.

The 5th National Meeting of Design Associations (5ENAD) is a platform that enables cultural operators related to Spanish design to join forces. 5ENAD’s activities will be varied, including lectures, debates and roundtables, and the guest country will be Portugal. The meetings are not based on an exclusive theme, though 5ENAD will focus particularly on circular design. 

AC/E is supporting the participation of international experts from different parts of the world in order to promote international networking in this area.
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