This are the new features of the continuing call 2022 in which we are ...

This are the new features of the continuing call 2022 in which we are ...

01 october 2021
More flexible with:
  • Accommodation. The limits established in RD 462/2002 are maintained but we are more flexible, prior justification, with some situations, for example, if the accommodation is determined by the organization or if it has been chosen due to proximity to the event, for security reasons or because It was not possible to find a lodge whose rates are within the limits. 
  • Expense items. Starting in 2022, we will be more receptive to possible changes in spending concepts, allowing modifications regarding the original estimate included in the application. Also for projects that could have been originally planned as face-to-face and might later become virtual or vice versa. 
  • Entities that work in different areas of creation. We are aware that an entity can include in its programming projects of different nature and all of them of great artistic and cultural value, so in 2022 more than one consideration may be received if they are requested for different areas if the quality and scope of the projects justify it.
  • Multidisciplinary events. The same event can fit into multiple areas of creation, so you can send a request for it to more than one area, taking into account that the profile of the participants is appropriate to the characteristics of each one of them and maintaining the established economic limit. in the announcement.​ 
More rigorous with:
  • The score. We have readjusted the scoring criteria to put more value on the quality of the proposals and the candidates. In addition, we take into account what is indicated in the 2030 agenda, we include objective criteria related to gender equality, the reduction of inequalities, sustainability and climate action. The evaluation committee may also reject an application if it considers that it doesn't meet the minimum quality requirements.
  • The economic allocation. We maintain the proportional link between the score obtained by the candidate and the percentage of the requested budget that they will receive. However, this amount may be modified if the evaluation committee, after a detailed study of the proposal, considers that the budget presented was not well dimensioned.
  • The publication of results. In order to achieve clearer and more direct communication, the score lists will be reviewed in order to provide more transparent information, in a concise manner.
Other aspects to take into consideration:
  • The minimum valuation to be able to access a consideration is 50 points. Sometimes, the calls are so successful that the number of optimal applications is higher than usual, which causes the budget to run out so that, exceptionally, the projects with the lowest evaluation, even exceeding 50 points, can run out of consideration.
  • The budget for each area will always be allocated to it. If someone renounced a benefit that had been granted, that money would once again be available to other entities that presented projects in the same area of creation.
  • In accordance with our strategic lines, in 2022 we will give priority to events that take place in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.
  • The call is continuous, with four quarterly resolutions. This means that you can submit your application at any time, but keep in mind that there is a minimum period of advance to submit it regarding the start date of the event. We advise you to review the conditions to check when you should submit your application.
For more information, go to the regulatory conditions of the call at:​   > Go to 2022 PICE CALLS for ENTRY HERE

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