Actions for new musicians AC/E - Taller des Musics 2019

Actions for new musicians AC/E - Taller des Musics 2019

19 February - 31 December 2019
This project (Actions for new musicians 2019) started out with the aim of establishing a framework for collaboration with Acción Cultural Española to promote the musical careers of talented young people. The proposal features two lines of action: an initial global action in the form of financial assistance so that students pay a reduced matriculation fee for higher music studies and gain access to masterclasses, workshops and specialisation courses.

The second consists of various actions to encourage the national and international mobility of the projects created by new graduates from the school. The first action gives a boost to the careers of many talented young people who often cannot afford to access or continue with higher education. Actions designed to foster the national and international exposure of promising youngsters will play a key role in launching their careers and in many cases will mark their first experience abroad and in other regions of Spain, where they can discover new ways of creating and producing or of developing new types of collaboration and projects.

- Masterclasses, workshops and specialisation courses.
January and February: Personal interviews and working sessions
March and April: Rehearsals and production.
May and June: Concerts
July:  Reduced matriculation fee /1st call for applications
August: Concerts
August: Concerts
September: Reduced matriculation fee /2nd call for applications
October, November and December: Concerts 


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