Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival 2019

Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival 2019

The artistic film selection for this 5th edition of the ASFF aims to cover the variety of Spanish speaking film productions and the plurality of themes, genres and artistic values that Spanish Cinema has to offer. This way the Festival gives the chance not only to emergent film makers and film makers that are pushing the boundaries of traditional narratives to show their work, but also show the works of consolidated filmmakers which all three are a hallmark of contemporary Spanish Cinema.

AC/E supports the participation of the following Spanish Filmmakers, actors and actresses for a talk after their films at the Festival: 
Eva LLorach, Anna Castillo, Bárbara Lennie, Inés de León, Inma Cuesta, Carolina Ayuste, Borja Moreno, Nawja Nimri y Anna R. Costa. 
During their participation they will introduce the director, the actors and actresses to the Amsterdam audience and national film industry. They will talk about the film and their work to the audience. In this way, Spanish filmmakers, but also Spanish actors and actresses will be better known worldwide. We will establish the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival as a new international film platform for Spanish filmmakers to showcase and exhibit their work in the Netherlands, whilst creating a lasting, reliable and sustainable space for the promotion and exhibition of Spanish films.

Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival is a showcase of new trends of mainstream Spanish Cinema as well as focusing on independent, artistic and experimental films. It allows people based in The Netherlands to discover and engage with Spanish Cinema creating a hub for visitors and film professionals to catch up, discuss and enjoy around Spanish spoken Cinema. 
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Acknowledgments to Acción Cultural Española from the artists participating in ASFF 2019
Acknowledgments to Acción Cultural Española from the artists participating in ASFF 2019



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