Book Friends 2017

Book Friends 2017

Book Friends (Libros amigos) is a children's book fair and art festival designed especially with little ones in mind. In recent years, children's literature has become more experimental and varied than ever. Book Friends captures this moment of amazing creativity with a select group of publishers that specialise in different areas, such as illustrated volumes, educational/informative texts, experimental formats and new takes on traditional fairytales. During the Christmas holidays, La Casa Encendida's courtyard becomes an open lab where different specialised publishers will share the space with activities, shows, workshops and hands-on projects to help boys and girls discover that books (and art, creativity and imagination) can be wonderful friends.

AC/E supports the participationof Umberto Angelini, Artistic Director of Uovo an international and undisciplined project that promotes contemporary creativity in its diverse declinations and expressive formats, going beyond the traditional division of genres and places of representation.
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