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Braakland is an open festival on photography organized by FOMU that prioritizes the dialogue between artists and the public. FOMU programs a range of activities alongside the work of talented photographers from Belgium and abroad. With challenging exhibitions such as an exhibition dedicated to the emerging Spanish photography scene, artist talks, debates, one-night events, portfolio viewings, screenings and dozens of collaborations, Braakland is a celebration of the diversity of photography.

 Within the framework of Braakland (An Open Festival for Photography), the FOMU hosts a participative exhibition project introducing the emerging Spanish photography scene. Despite the lack of financial means, this new generation of Spanish photographers proves to be remarkably innovative in finding ways to breathe life into their ideas and projects, with the book form a favored means of distribution. The exhibition is the starting point of several events, inviting the featured artists Ricardo Cases (Blankpaper Collective), Antonio Xoubanova (Blankpaper Collective), Julián Barón (Blankpaper Collective), Eduardo Nave (Nophoto Collective), David Hornillos (Fotoaplauso Collective), and many others, to share their work and expertise with Belgian professionals and audiences. During this week, the FOMU will organize workshops, one-evening events and presentations by the artists featured in the exhibition. The FOMU will make another one (in addition to the space of Photography and Resistance) of its exhibition spaces available for this project week. This collaborative project will result in a publication.
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