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'Campo adentro' by Fernando Garcia Dory in Argentina

'Campo adentro' by Fernando Garcia Dory in Argentina
"Campo adentro" is a project of the Spanish artist Fernando García Dory based on research and artistic practice in the Argentine countryside. It is part of MALBA's (Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires) public programs, an area that promotes the generation of new forms of art-community interaction, in this case dialogues with farmers, intellectuals, governors, curators and art critics, among other rural and urban actors.

Fernando García Dory develops his project in Malba, Buenos Aires, during the first quarter of 2017. The project culminates with the public presentation, through a performance and the creation of a platform for discussion and publication, during the month of May in the Museum.

"Campo adentro" is an artistic project that originated in the Spanish rural scene to be carried out in different countries (see project in Es Baluard >).

The project is developed during a first study trip of approximately 16 days by Fernando García Dory to the rural areas of the province of Buenos Aires in February 2017 and a second stage, approximately 8 days for the public presentation at the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires in May 2017.
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