Coinspiraciones / Platohedro 2018. Fem ArtNet: Mapping Medellin

Coinspiraciones / Platohedro 2018. Fem ArtNet: Mapping Medellin

The COINSPIRACIONES / PLATOHEDRO programme is all about the production of artistic-cultural activities in collaboration with other networks, collectives, agents and institutions. It is celebrated annualy and for this edition the Spanish artist María R. Collado will participate with the support of Acción Cultural Española.

Fem ArtNet. Mapping Medellin (FANMM) is a curatorial research project about the processes and actions that, through art and culture, generate unseen realities in the struggle for women's rights in the city of Medellín. The project consists of a mapping of the institutional projects, corporations, collectives and independent agents that promote the empowerment of women's thinking and action through culture and art. The investigation will be formalised on a digital map of Medellín in an open-access file within a web page.

The Platohedro Corporation is a non-profit entity that functions as a collaborative creative platform, based in Medellín, Colombia. Since 2004 it has been dedicated to creation and artistic experimentation, the permanent research of free culture and self-training. These processes are guided by the pursuit of common well-being for all, based on a philosophy of Good Living and Good Knowledge.
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