Cross Residences for Curators CAPC musée 2017

Cross Residences for Curators CAPC musée 2017

Andrea Rodríguez Novoa  is the Spanish curator selected for a residency at the CAPC musée de Bordeaux during the months of June and July 2017. Emile Flory is the French curator who will be welcomed as a resident in La Casa Encendida during the month of June. These cross residencies are organized by the CAPC Contemporary Art Museum in Bordeaux and La Casa Encendida in Madrid, with the collaboration of La Casa Velázquez (Madrid), Spanish Cultural Action and the cultural service of the French Embassy in Spain.

Aimed at experienced young curators, the cross-residency program prioritizes the development of research work, with special emphasis on issues related to interaction with the public, without imposing any predefined form. The curatorial project will determine the possible results and propose the process of reflection between the invited curator and the guidelines of the institution of destination.

For this first edition, the jury has selected the candidates Émilie Flory (France, 1977) and Andrea Rodríguez Novoa (Spain, 1979) who, in June 2017 respectively, will spend a month's residence in La Casa Encendida in Madrid and Two months CAPC Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux.

This residence will cross the two institutions, their axes and artistic contexts, the places and countries in which they work and the cultural life of each city through specific meetings with artists and other professionals of the industry (curators, critics, galleries, collectors, etc.).

Both institutions support with this program the priority of residencies for the creation and contemporary research in the arts,  the development of the sector and its networking.
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