CTRL T: Declinación Magnética

CTRL T: Declinación Magnética

CTRL+ T is an initiative aimed at mobilizing local and international artists and researchers to present or develop work for a limited period of time amidst the social turmoil and cultural transitions that are currently triggering new concerns in the field of cultural production in Greece. A new tab. A platform for alternative narratives. Throughout the year and for a specific period, invited cultural practitioners are given control of metamatic:taf’s spaces, both physically and virtually.

As it has been widely covered in the global media, Greece has been undergoing turbulent times since the financial crisis of 2008. These forceful and contextual transformations have produced a climate of questioning and displacement, particularly in the cultural sector, where we are currently facing identity-forming notions.

The intervention proposed by Declinación Magnética with the support of AC/E for CTRL+T addresses the idea of challenging established historical narratives; a re-examination,a new tab of sorts, of the historical memory. During the three days of their occupation of metamatic:taf’s virtual and physical spaces, many issues native to this shared framework between Spain and Greece will emerge, mainly through the screening, on the second day, of the 60 minutes film ‘Margin of Error’, followed by a Q&A/Open discussion and a more casual reception. This work is particularly relevant to the Greek context, as it identifies the mechanisms used to produce History, and signals the different strategies of complicity and dissemination found in the education system.

Declinación Magnética’s intervention at CTRL+T will act as a catalyst of different social and cultural actors involved in this arena, which still remains a very sensitive issue in Greece. We find that this event will serve as fertile ground, a point of exposure and discussion showing where the discursive vectors that surround Greece’s past, from the Ottoman times, to the Nazi invasion, to the Cypriot war or the military dictatorship, could be taken to; introducing new poetics and forms of narration that are critical to Greece’s often debated past, and its multiple official versions.

The collective Declinación Magnética will be represented by three of their members: Julia Morandeira, Sally Gutiérrez and Juan Guardiola.
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