Cuenca Religious Music Week 2017

Cuenca Religious Music Week 2017

The 56th edition of the Cuenca Religious Music Week has the RTVE Orchestra as a major bet for Holy Week 2017. The Symphony Orchestra and Choir RTVE have a place of honor in their programming, with the two resident groups of the Week of Religious Music of this year, where they act in the programming in the most significant days of the Festival, and in three of the concerts. Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, this last concert has the peculiarity of being extraordinary for its charitable character for the benefit of Caritas Diocesana of Cuenca.

At the same time the two groups will be awarded an honorary prize for their career and contribution to the musical world of our country. Thanks to this form of collaboration, the ties between the two institutions are strengthened, as RTVE will make a spectacular display of both technical and human means to record and rebroadcast for TVE a large part of the concerts of this edition of the SMR, as well as other Acts that are developed in Cuenca simultaneously to the Festival, and as is the case of the Procession of "Peace and Charity" of Holy Thursday. Undoubtedly a luxury for a World Heritage City and one of the most important Music Festivals, which also has the name of International Tourist Interest and currently has as artistic director the conductor, Cristobal Soler.
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