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Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti 2017

Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti 2017
This festival is a unique cultural event which has with its long tradition proved itself as the favorite gathering spot of dance lovers and experts. Founded in 2000, it has so far presented more than 150 dance and theater companies with more than 200 productions. It has an excellent attendance rate and it has become an unavoidable part of the cultural offer. Goals include presentation of the recent dance works; education of the audience; promotion of inter-cultural dialogue and trans-national mobility.

The18th edition of the festival focuses on presenting recent works in contemporary dance, mime, circus and other fields in performing arts from Croatia and abroad. Spain is represented by 2 artists with 2 performances: Laura Aris Álvarez with a solo and Alvaro Esteban with a duet, and a workshop that will also be held by Laura A. Alvarez.

Special events like artists talks, lectures, and film projections will be held every day

Contemporary dance technique workshop with Laura Aris Alvarez
In this workshop Laura Aris Alvarez will teach the dancers technique class and Ultima Vez vocabulary. The dancers come from Croatia and other European countries, their approx number is 25. In her teaching Laura uses different exercises and games, lead improvisations, and offer tasks that help participants improve awareness and access playful bodies, spirits, intuition, and instinctive motion. Attention to specific technicalities and detailed work is an important part of her approach, as well.

Performance: 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie' by Laura Aris Alvarez
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is a visceral portrait of a woman imprisoned between memory and premonitions - like a giant torn to pieces by two wild horses pulling in opposite directions. The past and the future are just mirrored compartments that could break.
It's a performance about pain, loss, wanderlust, love, and family. Through reflections on personal issues channeling into the public sphere, the work creates narrative fragments as it looks for evocative images of beauty and emotional power.
It's not she in the world, but the world within her that is depicted. It's inside of her that all of the changes are happening. The stage becomes an installation and it's details become the scenography.

Performance: 'Cualquier mañana' by Laura Aris & Álvaro Esteban
An emotional reflexion about the natural sadness of broken things. Any given morning that the pieces of the puzzle doesn't fit like they once did. A physical journey to the present to realise that the past does not come back. This extremely intense duet is very elaborated and original.
Only two bodies but they totally occupy the whole dance floor. The music of Roger Marin with no melody; just emphasizing the movement with basic sounds; percussions and effects. As the movement progresses, the duet evolves in a relationship. The work of the upper limbs is remarkable, in complete loss of voltage alternating effort. Men and women have need of contact , you need to feel and be felt as well as both of them need to fill in the physical and emotional voids. Without her, he would fall. Without him she would fall.
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