Defensive architecture in Spain

Defensive architecture in Spain

Why are castles important? What are its origin and evolution? The exhibition tries to answer these questions by analyzing defensive architecture from prehistory to the middle ages, from modern to contemporary. The highly didactic percourse of this exhibition  highlights the profound significance and relevance of the castles in Spain. But the aim of this exhibition is also to raise awareness about the need to protect and preserve this important heritage. Therefore, it offers a parallel tour on the history of  specific castles, highlighting the deterioration suffered over the years, the history of its restoration and the policies of guardianship and preservation that currently protect them.

At the end of the tour, the visitor can browse the inventory of all castles in Spain. The last section, The Castles of Spain and the Cinema, projects loop images with scenes in which various Spanish castles have been recorded in famous films ("El Cid", "The Kingdom of Heaven", "Bells at midnight" , "Pride and Passion", "Die Another Day", "The Lords of Steel", etc.)
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