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Dífferent 2017! L'autre cinéma espagnol

Dífferent 2017! L'autre cinéma espagnol
Different 8! L'autre cinéma espagnol, is organised by the association Espagnolas en Paris and it brings together a wide selection of Spanish titles unreleased in France. With unique screenings and meetings with teams from the films, it includes several talks between professionals and the public in Paris.

This year the festival pays tribute to film director Isabel Coixet, followed by the screening of her film "Spain in a day". 

The programme features screenings of sixteen internationally successful and award-winning films that have not been distributed in France. The programme has been developed in collaboration with the Spanish film producers, who have the opportunity to participate in a previous work lunch with about 30 French distributors, so that they can personally invite them to discover the films, which will be screen in original version subtitled in French, in a single pass also open to the public and in the presence of the film team.
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