AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report 2019 (Ebook)

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The AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report was first published in 2013 to examine in depth the changes the culture sector was experiencing and to help organisations and professionals in this sector create experiences in line with the expectations of twenty-first-century users.

Six years on, developing a digital strategy has become a key requirement for institutions and the Annual Report is an important means of strengthening the interaction between AC/E and culture sector professionals. The performing arts, museums, festivals, historical heritage and the book sector are some of the fields we have analysed extensively, reporting on the most interesting experiences both in Spain and abroad.

The reality and context of the digital network have brought about major changes in the concept of legal protection of works and authors’ rights. Current challenges include the need to balance the interests of creators and users and, at the same time, expand the sources of creativity, originality, public domain and compliance with fundamental rights, in accordance with the WIPO Development Agenda and the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

This year’s Focus seeks to analyse how distinctive national and regional systems reconcile new objectives in terms of access to works and cultural property and the regulatory frameworks for creative platforms and for the exchange of visual art and audiovisual, musical and literary works on the basis of collaboration, innovation and openness.
The first part of the 2019 edition brings together articles by culture professionals and specialists in the digital environment, many of whom also analyse cross-cutting aspects of the new technologies and how they affect creators and their rights.

Sebastian Posth analyses the possible uses of Blockchain in the culture industries, while Ignasi Labastida surveys open culture, the possible uses of intellectual property rights and the reuse of content in the digital world, ensuring respect for creators.

Mayo Fuster goes on to analyse economic sovereignty in culture and gives examples of economic-cultural innovations linked to the adoption of new technologies. Expert Diego Naranjo focuses his article on creation and the impact on human rights and Javier Lorenzo deals with a highly topical issue, trends in the consumption of information in the cultural industry and how they are affected by fake news.

Lastly, Daniela Bosé takes a look at digital transformations in musical creation since artificial intelligence appeared on the scene, and Isaac Baltanás analyses how podcasts can help the culture sector.

These seven experts’ articles help readers learn about and reflect on the changes our society is undergoing as a whole, and the new opportunities they can be expected to bring the culture sector.

The annual reports are published in Spanish and English in PDF and EPUB format and can be downloaded free of charge under a Creative Commons licence, both from the  digital publications section of Acción Cultural Española’s website and from the leading distributors of national and international digital books. AnuarioEN2019/DigitalACE2019.html

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Published in: 2019
ISBN: 978-84-17265-04-5
Language: castellano, English
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