Ensemble Sinkro. Opus 19.2 "Concert Croisé" 201

Ensemble Sinkro. Opus 19.2 "Concert Croisé" 201

AC/E supports the participation of the Spanish Ensemble Sinkro in the "Concert Croisé" a programme organized by Promima Centauri with works by American and European composers. Through the works of young South American composers Juan Arroyo and Demian Rudel Rey as well as European and North American renowned composers,
After a shared residency in Bordeaux, this artistic exchange will found is outcome on november 14th at Le Rocher de Palmer for the Opus 19.2 «Concert Croisé» before heading to Spain where the musicians will perform at the BERNALOA Festival in Vitoria on the 16th.

Proxima Centauri, who has always put the collaboration and the dialogue with other artists at the heart of its artistic project, has created Concerts Croisés, a type of concerts highlighting the collaboration and promotion of today’s music. Having already collaborated with many artists in France and abroad, Proxima Centauri presents a new Concert Croisé with Spanish ensemble Sinkro. On the occasion of Opus19.2 the two ensemble will share the stage to give an overview of today’s Hispanic music.

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