Entre piedras

Entre piedras

In this exhibition project, "Entre piedras" (Between stones), the Spanish curator and cultural manager Susana González, at the proposal of the director of the Zapopán Art Museum - MAZ (Jalisco, Mexico), Viviana Kuri, invites the artists Aljcia Kwade, Pedro Cabrita Reis and José Dávila to develop a proposal that offers the possibility of including "site-specific" works in the MAZ.

Supported with the help of the mobility grants of AC/E, Susana González prepares during these months the exhibition project in which the chosen creators will perform "site-specific" works for the celebration of the exhibition, influencing the relationship between the architectural space, the artistic work and its social context, in relation to the new sculptural paradigms represented by the creators. In the initial approach it has been thought to carry out an open exhibition project that offers the possibility of including "site-specific" works in the MAZ. With them the story of their works will be highlighted through the process of logical / intuitive / critical work in communication with architecture and using simple materials from the environment, some of them recycled. The project proposes a work that affects the iconic relationship between art and architecture, in the reflective relationship with the building and in the approach to the architectural fact, but above all in the identity, memory and time of the historical-social context where it is inserted.
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