'Estrella' at the Montansier Theatre in Versailles 2018

'Estrella' at the Montansier Theatre in Versailles 2018

AC/E supports the representation of the theater play "Estrella" (Star) by the company Marie de Jongh at the Montansier de Versailles Theater during the winter season of 2018. The play is a physical theatre based on gesture, and does not use any dialogue. It combines comedy with an emotional story and it can be viewed by all audiences. In this theatre the public is pushed to share emotions, ideas, questions and certainties.

Since its creation in 2008, the company Marie de Jongh has created shows of great quality that have helped them tobecame a major performing arts company in Spain. Its shows are emotional and admired by adults and children.

Estrella, a girl of just nine years old, becomes a world-renowned pianist. Thanks to a hard discipline imposed by his parents, she masters virtuosity. There is only one problem: she is not happy, she barely sees her friends and her character has hardened. Estrella dreams of becoming a shooting star. An event will radically change the life of the family and Estrella will take another path where she will shine intensely ....

"Starfish have a peculiar characteristic: after the loss of an arm, they are able to regenerate it, to recompose themselves. They can thus have a huge symbolic charge when we are talking about resilience; and in our show it is precisely that which is at stake "- Jokin Oregi -.
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