Flamenco Rave 2018

Flamenco Rave 2018

This is a day-long festival featuring the most challenging and innovative experiments in freshly updated flamenco expression from the Iberian peninsula, co-presented with Miami Dade County Auditorium. The programme features several of Spain’s most celebrated talents in the Flamenco genre: master pianist Dorantes, as well as acclaimed contemporary artists Daniel Casares, Naike y Paquete, vocalist Rosalía and guitarist Raül Refree with the support of AC/E. These artists are known worldwide for their daring and bold flamenco style, blending the traditional grit and audacity of Flamenco with smooth contemporary influences to create a musical fusion that is hypnotic and mesmerizing, breathtaking and passionate, at once ancient and new.

Program and cast
El tiempo por testigo: DORANTES with Javi Ruibal
Con Nombre de Mujer: Naike y Paquete with Yelsy Heredia and José Suárez “Paketito”
Picassares: Daniel Casares with Nelson Doblas, Miguel Ortiz “Nene” and dancer Sergio Aranda
Los Ángeles: Rosalía & Raül Refree

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