Grec 2017 Festival of Barcelona (41th edition)

Grec 2017 Festival of Barcelona (41th edition)

The Grec Festival of Barcelona is the city’s main annual event featuring theatre, dance, music, circus and other stage arts. This is a long-standing festival that took place for no less than the 40th time in 2016. Over the years, moreover, the Grec has become not only the most outstanding summer cultural attraction in Barcelona, but also a key reference on the European festival calendar. The festival’s title is taken from its main venue, where the opening sessions invariably take place: the Teatre Grec, or Greek Theatre, on Montjuïc, an open-air theatre created for the 1929 Universal Exhibition.

Promoted by Barcelona City Council, the Grec Festival also involves a considerable number of the city’s private impresarios and promoters, who produce and organise many of the scheduled shows. The festival is funded by public money, by income from sponsors and by revenue from ticket sales. With a history stretching back forty years, the Grec Festival of Barcelona has become the leading producer of shows in Catalonia. The event pursues a twofold aim: to support local production and produce outstanding works by Catalan artists and companies; and to provide a window onto the world by presenting the most interesting works from around the world in Barcelona. Indeed, the festival is today the city’s leading showcase for performances of shows produced abroad. Through the Visitors programme, Acción Cultural Española supported the presence of international cultural planners at this year’s event, enabling them to discover the variety of Spain's current theatre production and participate in professional and networking sessions.
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