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Guitar Art Festival Serbia 2017

Guitar Art Festival Serbia 2017
Guitar Art Festival has become the leading center for world premieres, concerts, as well as for the exchange of knowledge, practices and experiences among guitarists from the whole world. The festival has created a distinctive concept of presentation of guitar music, values and modern tendencies. The regular festival activities are concerts, competition, masterclass, lectures, exhibitions and discussions.

The next edition of GAF will be dedicated to the concept of "Legal age" and to the integration of young talented classical guitarists from 6 regional ex Yugoslav republics. Maestro Carlo Domeniconi will be their mentor and compose the piece which will be dedicated to them at the closing night. GAF will present new tends with Spanish flamenco, Greek Rebetika, acoustic and electric guitar and Roberto Aussel with Symphonic Orchestra.

AC/E supports the participation of Ultra High Flamenco with Rosario Toledo. They will perform for the first time at the festival a concert in the Main Hall of Belgrade Youth Center on 24th March, 2017, at 21 h. Besides their group performance, the guitarist of the Ultra High Flamenco group, José Manuel León, will hold a guitar master class to the students that will visit the Guitar Art Festival and that are interested in flamenco guitar.

Ultra High Flamenco is a project that has brought together four outstanding Spanish musicians who in their joint work mix different influences of flamenco, jazz and other musical styles. Each member of this quartet contributes to the creation of an entirely new flamenco expression, which is, according the reviews in (Flamenco World) “succeeded to leave both the audience and the critics speechless”.

Music of the UHF represents the golden era of instrumental flamenco that exists for a long time. The tradition of creating new flamenco melodies that are not constant has been developing since the time of Albenis, Diego Amador and even Paco de Lucia. This group puts the guitar on the same level as the other instruments and that is what it makes it so revolutionary. The repertoire of the group is made of complex compositions with special and well-defined patterns where various improvisations keep on showing up and keep on shaping their vision of modern flamenco.

Paquito González (percussions)
Pablo Martín (double bass)
José Manuél Leon (guitar)
Alexis Lefevre (violin)
Rosario Toledo (dance)
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