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II Electroacoustic Artists at The Graduate Center

II Electroacoustic Artists at The Graduate Center
The meeting of electroacoustic artists at the Graduate Center of NY aims to promote and disseminate electroacoustic music and sound art by foreign creators in the New York circuit, by organizing concerts in which artists from other countries collaborate with other American artists.

II Electroacoustic artists at the Graduate Center CUNY
(365 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016, EE. UU.)
Conference: Transatlantic Overview of Electroacoustic Music

Ferrer-Molina (President of the Spanish Association for Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art)
Jaime E. Oliver (NYU Waverly Labs for Music & Computing)
Daniel Neumann (CT::SWaM Contemporary Temporary Sound Works And Music).

Introduced by Antoni Pizà (Director of Foundation for Iberian Music), they will provide a broad outlook into contemporary electroacoustic music trends. They will also discuss the historical and aesthetic context out of which these compositions have emerged, and will also try to establish connections with other international developments.
Auditions of electroacoustic pieces during the presentation:
“Formants B” (2005), Albert Llanas
“Sorrowful Mysteries: The Agony of Jesus in the Garden of Stock-Market Turbulence” (2016), Miguel Molina
“Sound miniatures” (2016), Inmaculada Cárdenas
“O1C” (2017), Jaime E. Oliver

Concert of percussion, sound objects & electronics – Pau Vila Caballer
“Món per Pau” (2017, world premiere), Mercè Capdevila
“4” (2017, world premiere), Diana Pérez Custodio & Reyes Oteo Fernández
“Yourself” (2017, world premiere), Pau Vila Caballer
“Temazcal” (1984), Javier Álvarez

Concert of tape & electronic music – Víctor Aguado Machuca
“Samples from Richard Garet in frequency order” (2017, world premiere)
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