In Altre Parole 2018. Rassegna Internazionale di Drammaturgia Contemporanea

In Altre Parole 2018. Rassegna Internazionale di Drammaturgia Contemporanea

The aim of the Festival is to present in the theaters, year after year, to a public of professionals, amateurs and university students, contemporary texts about the present. But also favor the relationship between authors, translators and the public to promote the promotion of ideas, fantasies and visions. During the festival, there are also meetings with the authors, round tables, conferences and debates on the topics covered in the texts represented.

In Altre Parole, international festival of contemporary dramaturgy, arrives this year to its eleventh edition. The event is organized by the Associazione Culturale Platea, which continues to explore in an original and innovative way the most active and interesting dramaturgies in the world, and the Department of Lingue, Letterature and Culture Straniere of the Università degli Studi Roma Tre.

Since its beginnings, the In Altre Parole festival has had a very intense and fruitful relationship with contemporary Spanish dramaturgy, premiering works by authors such as Juan Mayorga, Paloma Pedrero, Josep Maria Benet i Jornet, Laila Ripoll, Jordi Galcerán, Juan Carlos Rubio and others. These authors, famous in Italy thanks to the festival, have gradually been gaining a constant presence in the theaters of the peninsula, by virtue of the undoubted quality and innovative richness of its dramatic production. Since its 9th edition (2014), a specific segment of the Spanish theater has been created within the program of the Festival, whose title is "Tables".

With the 2016 edition, Tablas reaches its fourth year, with the participation of several authors between the first phase (spring 2018) and the second (autumn 2018). AC/E supports activities within the Tablas section which include dramatized readings of a work by Ernesto Caballero ("La autora de las Meninas"), other by Vanessa Monfort ("El galgo")  and a third one by Guille Clua, all three translated into Italian for its promotion in the country; Meetings and round tables with the invited authors, to be held both at the Università Roma Tre and at the Royal Academy and the Cervantes Institute.
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