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Interludios Remotos 2017

Interludios Remotos 2017
Interludios Remotos (Remote interludes) is a curatorial Project run by LIGA Espacio para Arquitectura in collaboration with Paula García-Masedo and with the support of AC/E’s PICE programme. For the first time, in 2017 it sets out to connect the cities of Mexico and Madrid. The project involves separating two pairs of architects by distance. One member of each pair will carry out a research micro-residency in Mexico, while their partners accompany them during this experience from Spain. Their WhatsApp conversations will be hacked and published on the website from 20 April 2017.

Interludios Remotos is a project on how to physically build a link between two distant places through a shared language that is shown openly. The project also explores the systems we can set up to establish communication. It observes the translation that takes place between the real and the instructions and languages involved in the process. It asks how people can carry out a project together when they are far apart, and measures how much and how we relate to each other depending on how close we are.

Each of the teams will develop a common project simultaneously. That of Anna Puigjaner + Guillermo López will be presented on 27 April, and that of Uriel Fogué + María Jerez on 9 June.

The participants are:

Uriel Fogué (Sp.), who focuses on the fields of teaching, research, communication and the production of architecture, and is a member of ELII architects;

María Jerez (Sp.), an artist who works in live art, film, choreography, architecture and the visual arts;

Guillermo López (Sp.), a member of the MAIO architects’ studio, who combines his professional activity with academic activities, research and publishing;

and Anna Puigjaner (Sp.), an architect, editor of the Quaderns journal, teacher and researcher. 
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