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International Comic Fair Barcelona 2017

International Comic Fair Barcelona 2017
Barcelona’s international comic fair is designed to promote comic strips and provide a meeting point for professionals. One of the most important activities it carries out is the meetings it arranges between national and national publishers and Spanish authors, which provide professional opportunities in and outside Spain for particularly talented Spanish creators. This edition, the 35th, presents an exhibition dedicated to José María Blanco, winner of the Grand Prix of the last edition of the Fair which is linked to the centenary of TBO magazine, of which he was a reference author. All genres of comic are present in the various exhibitions. In addition, the workshops accommodate both participants and topics related to the comic.

The event also has a significant presence of companies in the publishing sector, producers of film and television, stores and merchandising suppliers, bookstores, clothing stores, video game companies, etc. Among the professional that take part are the national and foreign draughtsmen and screenwriters, who have at their disposal a space to hold professional meetings with editors of the main companies of the sector. AC/E has invited for this occasion an important group of international publishers and planners so they can know firsthand the latest developments of the comic industry in our country.
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