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International Ibero-American Conference on Women in Art 2017

International Ibero-American Conference on Women in Art 2017
This conference, whose mission is to make known and disseminate the work of Ibero-American women, acknowledge their efforts, dignify their image, and promote equality and peace, is held in connection with International Women’s Day and the efforts to eliminate violence towards women. It is also related to the fields of research, music, visual arts, dance, literature, media, film, management and promotion of art. AC/E is supporting the participation of the Spanish women artists invited to take part in the International Seminar on Genre Studies in Art and a concert inspired by the theme of the conference. Discrimination against women continues in many parts of the world as an essential part of moral codes and legal regulations which enshrine oppressive practices rooted in age-old cultural values that need to be denounced and combated. We can even speak of a regression with respect to women’s rights in some countries where the patriarchal system is particularly harsh. 
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