Internationalisation Programme of Spanish Playwrights in France 2017

Internationalisation Programme of Spanish Playwrights in France 2017

In accordance with one of its lines of action – internationalising Spain’s culture sector – AC/E has devised a specific programme for boosting the presence of Spanish playwrights in France, in collaboration with the French editorial Les  Solitaires Intempestifs, through the translation and publishing of three works os Spanish playwriters.

A committee of the performing arts experts Miriam Gómez (CDN) , José Gabriel López Antuñano  (professor of drama and thater critic) , David Peralto (director of La Joven Compañía) and Alexandra Moreira da Silva (Les  Solitaires Intempestifs) selected the works:

Gertrude Stein no es el nombre de un piano, by Francisco Javier Suárez Lema, 
Canícula. Evangelio apócrifo de una familia by Lola Blasco and
El deseo de ser infierno by Zo Brinviyer.

♦Moussons d'été (FRANCE).
26 August 2018, 10.30 pm.
23 August 2018, 10.30 pm.
28 August 2018, 6 pm.
"Les chroniques de Peter Sanchidrién": Une flamme de José Padilla dir. Michel Didym.

27 August 2018, 6 pm.
"La traversée" de José María Miró, dirigido por Laurent Vacher.

♦CAEN (FRANCIA). 26 March - 14 April 2018
Le Panta Théatre. 21ª Festival de Escrituras Contemporáneas

26 March (20h) and 14 April (22h) 2018
Óscar Pastor y Francisco Javier Suárez Lema: "Gertrude Stein no es el nombre de un piano" 

14 April (20.30h) 2018
Lola Blasco: "Canícula". 

14 April (19h) 2018
Guy Delammotte y José Padilla: "Las crónicas de Peter Sanchidrián"
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