Köln Skulptur #9 2017

Köln Skulptur #9 2017

The sculpture park is a private initiative that has given rise to a publicly-funded foundation that commissions sculptures for a public park by the Rhine in Cologne every two years. The initiative is one of the few of its kind in Europe and so far has contributed to the production of more than 177 pieces. The works remain in the park for two years and programmes for dissemination, visits and lectures are run during that time.  

The park celebrated its 20th anniversary at the 9th edition in 2017. For this purpose, the organisers sought to make it more international – not so much through the presence of artists, which has always been international, as through the choice of the curator, Chus Martinez, with the aim of making the initiative known not only to the well-established fields of art and German art but to a younger and more international audiences. The curators decided to commission a total of eight new pieces, including one from the Spanish artist Tere Solar, who received a grant from AC/E to be able to attend the presentation.  
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