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Liquid Time: Video works from the collections of Maria & Armando Cabral Collection and Cal Cego

Liquid Time: Video works from the collections of Maria & Armando Cabral Collection and Cal Cego
As a corollary of the exhibition "Liquid Time: Video works from the collections of Maria & Armando Cabral Collection and Cal Cego" (Tempo líquido: Um diálogo de vídeos das Coleçoes Maria & Armando Cabral e Cal Cego), curated by Carolina Grau Rahola, promoted by Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, AC/E supports the participation of the Spanish curator and artists in the exhibition in the presentation of the catalogue documenting the exhibition. 

The catalogue will be presented at the last weekend of the exhibition with a round table discussing the future of our society and the video beyond 2017 with the participation of Portuguese artists, the Portuguese collectors, Montse Badia, Spanish art critic and artistic director of Cal Cego, the Spanish curator Carolina Grau and the Spanish artist Perejaume.

Among the topics covered in this roundtable we highlight issues such as: a vision about Iberian contemporary art (the exhibition represents important Portuguese and Spanish artists), the private investment in contemporary art and the option of choosing works of video art, the importance of the theoretical and conceptual investment as a structuring element in the composition of the collections, the differences in the management among private collections and institutional collections, the different visions of the artists represented in the exhibition, reflecting the diversity of expressions of artists from the continents that constitute the North Atlantic frame (Europe and North America).
At the same time Perejaume will present his video installation ‘Telo seguit (Continuous Curtain)’ in the main theatre auditorium, where a red theatre curtain is being shown continuously coming down, never stopping, never being an end.

Liquid Time is the first large exhibition exclusively focused on video in the Arquipélago — Contemporary Art Center. The show presents works by fourteen international artists that reflect upon and question this “liquid time,” an expression coined by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman (1925–2016), who died recently. Bauman has theorized upon the change from a “solid” to a “liquid” Modernity, in which everything is fluid and where forms and conventions become temporary, short-lived, and obsolete. A highly digitized and continually changing contemporary world where nothing remains and everything is permanently changed by a never-ending flux of information. A landscape dominated by globalization, by temporality, in which inequality has replaced our welfare society. The exhibition comprises fourteen videos that reflect different decades of our changing society, tracing a journey through the turn of the century we have experienced in our lives.
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