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Melbourne Art Book Fair 2017

Melbourne Art Book Fair 2017
The Melbourne Art Book Fair is the only project of its kind in Australia and joins company with cities overseas such as Tokyo and New York, which have established art book fairs over many years. Participants showcase their work and audiences engage with the latest and most exciting developments in art publishing occurring in Australia and internationally.

MABF is a free, inclusive and accessible event. Since its inaugural year in 2015, it has drawn over 29,000 visitors. This year it celebrates its third edition, an annual event in Melbourne Australia held at the National Gallery of Victoria

AC/E supports the participation of Silvia Bianchi and Ricardo Juárez, from Libros Mutantes, in the discussion "Print Forever: The Resurgence of the Art of the Book in a Post-Digital World" on Saturday 18, 3 pm,  at the Melbourne Art Book Fair Discussion Space.

The discussion analyses these uncertain times, publishing practice is experiencing a renaissance. The rise and rise of the art book, and of major art-book-focused events, seems to be at odds with expert predictions of publishing’s bleak future. In this panel discussion, designers, curators, publishers and educators explore questions of medium and method, critically and reflexively, to ask: why do we love art books so much? 

Silvia and Ricardo (Libros Mutantes) have been introducing workshops and activities for kids in art books fairs such Libros Mutantes Madrid Art Book Fair and have organised kids festivals such Boookids Feria del libro infantil de Madrid. They have been also collecting an ongoing international archive of self-publishing books for kids since 2013. With their presence at Melbourne Art Book Fair they will display a curated table of Spanish self-published children’s books, will impart a series of workshops for kids and will give a lecture about the Spanish self-publishing scene and how to involve children in adult events.
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