Numancia multimedia

The book "Numancia: Archeology and History" is the result of an ambitious project initiated within the framework of the activities carried out to mark the 2150th anniversary of the capture and destruction of the city by the Scipio troops and culminated in 2018, the Year of European Cultural Heritage The text is in charge of the professor of the Complutense University of Madrid Alfredo Jimeno.

The multimedia files have been made from numerous campaigns of drone flights, photogrammetry in the site and in the Numantine museum, exploration campaigns of the subsoil by means of georadar and a wide collection of documents, old photographs, newspaper news and other sources.

The publication of a multimedia book, which will include an explanatory text written by Alfredo Jimeno Martínez and the photogrammetric survey of the Numantia site, brings us closer to one of the most defining moments of our past.

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