Oslo International Theater Festival 2018

Oslo International Theater Festival 2018

OITF is a festival for live arts organised by Black Box teater. It takes place annually in March over 10 days. With its daring and surprising program, OITF is the meeting point in Oslo for Norwegian and international performing artists, both familiar names and newcomers, international programmers, critics, together with a diverse and curious audience. OITF unfolds throughout the city in cultural venues as well as in public space. Black Box teater is the centre and the hub of the festival.

Though the festival does not focus on a specific theme, OITF 2018 will convey lines of flights, like red threads that are giving the specific tonality of this edition. They invite artists whose works examine a world in transformation, attentive to different components of these changes: political, social, societal, historical, individual. We´ll look at how the political and the intimate are intertwining, how we deal with loss, violence, disappearance, care and togetherness among others.

AC/E supports the participation of El Conde de Torrefiel, at Black Box teater with their show "La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje". 

Since forming in 2010, El Conde de Torrefiel has continued to shake up the international theatre scene. Keen on blending genres and forms, comprising theatre, choreography, music, video and narration, the young Spaniards take a scathing look at today’s Europe. In “La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paisaje” the company is embarking on a new stage in their work, one that is closer to abstraction. But while the images, bodies and words might appear to be disconnected, their confrontation only becomes more laden with meaning. The show takes the audience on a tour of ten European cities chosen for the fantasy world they convey. Four performers and a phlegmatic voice-off populate these ten landscapes, expressing different viewpoints about a continent steeped in history. A clean line is drawn between the map and the territory, revealing the barbarity buried beneath the agreeable beauty and extreme passivity of our everyday lives. Whether they are the statements of anonymous individuals or famous intellectuals, the words read out or heard in this powerful work invite us to question what we ourselves actually see.
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