Oteiza and the statuary of Arantzazu #OteizaArantzazu

Oteiza and the statuary of Arantzazu

#OteizaArantzazu | The exhibition is shown in two venues in parallel, on the one hand the Oteiza Museum in Alzuza (Navarra) and the ArantzazuGaur Fundazioa in Oñati (Guipuzcoa). Both samples analyze what the project of Arantzazu meant for Oteiza, a religious commission that was the most committed work of his career, while it forced him to adapt his sculptural concept to the assignment without renouncing modernity and the projection of the work of art as a service to society. The sculptor and all the artists involved in Arantzazu, carried out a common project, in favor of a Basilica that has become today a reference of the artistic renovation of the 20th century.
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