Panama's Early Music Festival 2018

Panama's Early Music Festival 2018

Panama’s  early music festival brings together participants from Colombia, Cuba, Spain and Portugal. Its programme features concerts and lectures, and the university’s Academia Barroca will examine the musical roots of the colonial baroque period and explore the ties that bind Europe and Latin America in sessions held in connection with the festival.

This fourth edition of the Festival has guests from Spain, Costa Rica, Italy and Peru, with the participation of musique groups from the four countries. The Festival is held between January 31 and February 5, 2018 in Panama City - Ruins of Old Panama and Old Town, as well as in the recently restored Church of San Francisco also in the Old Town.

The Festival offers participants and public concerts, talks, master classes with the aim of deepening the musical roots of the baroque period, emphasizing European baroque music and its different ways of being interpreted to show the great variety and cultural diversity. The current based on the interpretation with original instruments and the recovery, study and transcription of the scores rescued in archives, libraries and cathedrals gives rise to a variety of readings in which the cultural contribution of the interpreter takes great importance.

MUSIca ALcheMica and Delirvm Música are the Spanish groups that participate in this years' edition thanks to the AC/E's  Programme PICE for the Intersnationalization of Spanish Culture. 
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