Professional Meeting at El Jardin Sahel 2018

Professional Meeting at El Jardin Sahel 2018

The Sahel Garden is a cultural development whose purpose is to host different artistic projects throughout time. The projects share the common purpose of combining different areas of creation, and as a result, to produce works located within the limits, intersections or peripheries. The search for these encounters in the residency is based on generating a laboratory space for experimenta-tion outside the city that will allow creators to retire and engage in dialogue with other systems and proce-dures, contaminating their own work with the work of others.

AC/E supports the participation of Spaniards Juan Loriente and Carlota Guivernau in the workshops organized by the school during the first semester of 2018. The School of Performance and multidisciplinary creation is organized under the guidelines of Fernando Rubio with  international guests experts in the field of research and training of students in the performing arts. In parallel, the resident studentsmust developpe a project which is personally supervised by both by the EJS director Fernando Rubio and the rest of the visiting faculty. The school also helps them promote the presentation and production of the projects in Argentina and abroad.
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